King Street Exchange is for you!

Our team is putting together a proposal to fill King Street Station's 2nd floor with businesses - retail and food - designed to meet your needs!
Tell us what you want in King Street Exchange!
Let's Make King Street Station a Destination Attraction!
King Street Exchange hopes the City of Seattle will choose us to activate the King Street Station 2nd floor space. Our goal is to welcome first-time and small, locally owned businesses to join us in creating a beautiful space that offers diverse, convenient and quality goods and foods to everyone passing through King Street Station.  We will strive to help every business succeed by having year-round events like music concerts, cultural fairs, etc. that will put King Street Station on the map as a local destination not to be missed!
  1. Food with both Cultural and Local Flare
    Food with both Cultural and Local Flare
    King Street Exchange will invite first time or small, locally owned restauranteurs to bring their cuisine to King Street Station! We hope to bring a broad selection from French pastries to Chinese dim sum that will delight your taste buds.
  2. Fresh Flower & Farmer's Market
    Fresh Flower & Farmer's Market
    Support local farmers and buy local! We will invite local farmers to sell their fruits, vegetables, and flowers year round so buying fresh, local ingredients and flowers is more convenient than it's ever been before.
  3. Arts & Handicrafts
    Arts & Handicrafts
    The Pacific Northwest community is rich in the arts and beautiful handmade crafts. We want to celebrate that history, culture and craftsmanship! Local artists will be invited to sell their art and handmade crafts in our King Street Exchange!
  4. Music Concerts
    Music Concerts
    There's a beautiful plaza outside King Street Station. We want to invite local bands and musicians to perform and showcase their talent!
  5. Beer and Wine
    Beer and Wine
    Washington is home to hundreds of wineries and microbreweries. King Street Exchange wants to give small vineyards and brewers the chance to share their creations!
  6. Food & Craft Fairs
    Food & Craft Fairs
    Similar to other local street fairs, King Street Exchange will invite local businesses and craftspeople to sell their goods at our fun, local fairs at the plaza right outside King Street Station.