Our mission is to revitalize King Street Station’s retail and commercial space,​ highlighting its historic beauty & character and realizing its full potential by creating a vibrant, friendly, and safe hub for the Greater Seattle residents, commuters and tourists.

Our Concept
Small Business

We nurture first time entrepreneurs and small business owners, empowering them to create first-class businesses. Our small business development consultant will help new business owners successfully launch, maintain and grow their business. 
Unique, High-Quality, Convenient Retail

In our design, King Street Station will house over 25 businesses, offering a wide variety of food, products and services. Businesses will be chosen to meet the diverse needs of commuters, residents, sports fans, tourists in the Greater Seattle area.

Seattle's rich history and beauty will be exemplified by our design. Events held throughout the year will make King Street Station a hub of activity all-year long, attracting not just the local community but tourists as well!